Guang Dong Jie yang Guo Feng Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd
                                AAdd: North Of Fuyuang Road, 11road,Jieyang
                                Experiment Zone,Guangdong, China
                                TEL: 86-663-8786888
                                FAX: 86-663-8786600
                                Website: http://www.anemsevi.com
                                E-mail: gf@gdguofeng.com

                                Customer-centric, consumer is God, similar to the This slogan and business philosophy that we have heard too much, but Truly customer demand for the origin of the enterprise is not much. Guofeng's service philosophy is - to every customer as we Their friends! Guofeng each customer choose the products, the Is to select a trust and love, we should not let this Trust, the real from the heart with a grateful heart seriously negative Responsibility to treat each and every friend, from communication, orders, production To delivery, with the single, after-sales, we have been standing in the customer's Angle to think about issues, empathy, the result is increasingly The more customers Guoman brand of love and trust!

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